About Us

We are a specialist software house based south of Cambridge, UK with a focus on the design and delivery of mobile solutions for Apple's successful iOS platform (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).

AppSherpas, or Websetters as we were then, started in 1998 when we were established to deliver services to the emerging internet industry. Since then we have been successfully delivering solutions, helping clients gain value from emerging technologies such as speech analytics, VoIP, image and document management as well as guiding the integration of mobile technology into the way people work and live.

Members of the team have been involved in the IT industry for the last 35 years, many of which were with blue chip global technology and system integrator organisations.

In addition to delivering bespoke design and development services to clients, AppSherpas also invest in research into the application of new, emerging mobile technologies with solutions such as illumiEye™, Print&Post and POSCard aimed at consumers and joint collaborations with technology and marketing partners.